Pedigree Keks Patti

  : HCM,PKdef,SMA-n/n ()

Sire:Zilantshadow Karat
MCO n 09 22

Forest Beauty Orekh
MCO, n 0322

RW.Bestseller Bruno
MCO, n 0322

SGC.Riddlecoons L.Czardas
MCO,n 0322

Forest Beauty RAlaska
MCO, fs 0322

I.Ch.Yumi Grey Claws
MCO,n 0925

ICh.Dotcom Yadda Dabba Do
MCO, n 0922

Ch.Candycoons Katie Belle Blue
MCO, a

BlueMistWilds TTopLapooshka MCO, f

I.Ch.Top Coon Xanthos
MCO, n

Big Giants Resorts Scooter
MCO, n 22

TopCoon Holly
MCO, n 0922

Show Show
MCO, w 62

Nord Lord Meadow*RU
MCO, n 22

Beliy-Bars Djosephina
MCO, w 64

Dam:Elarty Coon R`Patti
MCO f 22

CH.Favorite Angel Vegas
MCO n 22

CR.E.CH.Golden Soul Sharchan
MCO d 22

W.CH.Dynamitcats Snow Survivor
MCO w 62

GR.E.CH.Lights of Moscow Vivien Lee
MCO d 03 22

GR.E.CH.Pandora Forest
MCO n 22

I.CH.Artes of Zagorsky Line*RU
MCO a 22

MCO f 09 23

CH.Boadicea Baltic Wind
d 22 03

GIC.Achilleus of Beyrouth CZ
MCO d 03 22

Ch.Oldestage New York,USA,JW
MCO  n 22 09

Ch.Queen Marry of Beyrouth
MCO f 22

CH.Riade Baltic Wind
MCO f 09 23

RU*Respectcoon Napoleon
MCO a 03

Jaqlin of Beyrouth,c
MCO f 22